How to Find a Best Deal of Roller Banner Stands Online?

General information of roller banner stands

Roller banner display stands are the most efficient and most economy way of portable display solution. They are suitable for conference rooms, marketing, promotions, seminars, training centres, wedding events, shop advertising, photographers, point of sales, etc. 2m roller banners also known as roll up banner stands or pull up banners. You can carry them to anywhere. Whether you are using the roller banner stands for project presentations or incorporating them into a larger exhibition display, just pull each image up within 10 seconds and wow… big impact! Buying banner stands online is the most popular way to purchase your display materials. Lots of customers want to know what is most cost effective display stand? Before you make an order, there are a few things you need to know: the quality of banner stands’ structure, the quality of the graphic, what kind of service you will get, a reasonable price within your budget, and of course the warranty.

Finding the best deal – Understand the quality of the banner stands

Most of the main structure of the banner stands is made by aluminium. The thicker aluminium material is used in the structure, the better quality of the product becomes. Of course it is very difficult to find out the thickness of the aluminium just according to some online images. There is the easiest way to check out whether your display supplier is using good quality banner stands – ask them the weight of the roll up banner. The heavier it is, the better the quality. Here is a simply list to help you:

Budget roller banner – 4 kg (graphic size: 85x200cm)

Luxury roller banner – 6 kg (graphic size: 85x200cm)

Double sided roller banner – 8 kg graphic size: 85x200cm)

Understand the quality of banner graphic

The best banner material is stop light Opal-Jet film. It is anti curling and tear resistant material.

The best ink is Eco-solvent ink. (Best colour results and 2 year non-faded.)

Very importantly, please make sure your graphic is laminated.

Please do not buy from those display makers who use cheap PP paper or PVC material. Also, some printers are using water based inks which gives very low printing quality.

Graphic design service

Design service is extremely expensive in the UK. Most of the display makers won’t offer you artwork service for free even you’ve got the layout or draft ready. I found only one company who offers free and professional design service. The company is Easy Graphic. They offer free design service for most of display stands orders. Of course there are clients supply their own print ready files, but to me the free design service Easy Graphic provide looks pretty high standard.

Ask the warranty terms before buying

You might be surprised by the fact that very few companies are offering warranties on roller banners. Although some display makers do offer warranties for the banner stand, but no warranties are given on the graphics. If you bought some pull up banners with both warranty on the stands and graphics, you’ve got yourself a great deal. And also, only the reliable sellers who have high confidence in the quality of their products will give out warranties on both stands and graphics. So this is also another good tip to help you decide who to buy from.

Finally, get a best price!

There are too many different roll up banner stands on the internet and the prices are hugely different. How to get a better deal? I did some research on the UK market. Below is a price list for your reference (graphic size-85x200cm):

Low quality roller banner, 2kg, PP paper………. £50 — £70

Budget roll up banner, stop light film, 4 kg………. £75 — £150

Luxury roll up banner, stop light film, 6 kg………. £120 — £200

Double sided roll up banner, stop light film, 8 kg………. £150 — £250

Be aware of the print brokers

All of the print brokers just simply built up an online selling website and subcontract the orders to the actual printers. You can imagine brokers are looking for the cheapest suppliers instead of taking care of the customers. How to find out who is a broker and who is a real display maker? Simple, a print broker’s website never shows detailed images of the products and doesn’t explain the quality clearly.

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