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Ph.D Skydiving

Ph.D Skydiving is run and operated by Mathew Lidster.
Mathew started parachuting in 1994 He has over 15 years experience of sky diving and has over a thousands of skydives to his credit., Mathew is teaching at all levels of this exhilarating sport.

Qualifications include:

Aims and Goals

We at Ph.D aim to provide the very best in Skydiving Tuition right from your very first jump through to your Formation Skydiving FS1 certification and beyond. We have our own fast 15 place twin turbine Nomad N22B aircraft, all year round.

You will exit the aircraft at an altitude of up to 4000 metres securely strapped to your instructor who will control the freefall element of your skydive. He will also open your parachute at around 5000 feet (1,500m).

You can have a video and / or stills of your Tandem skydive to record the jump

Our unique after care service ensures that when you return to the UK, you will be introduced to your local DropZone/s so you can continue to Skydive with the minimum of fuss. Ph.D are with jumping as high and as far as you wish to go in your skydiving career.

Ph.D is only a small organisation and that's the way they intend to keep it, we will try our very hardest to provide you not only with the thrill of a lifetime but a safe and enjoyable holiday while your having it!

Teaching UK Residents to Skydive on some of the best international drop zones in the world! Combining car finance our prices are competitive as their tyres

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