Sheesha/Shisha Smoking – Harmful Effects on Health

Sheesha or Shihsa is likewise referred to as water pipe or Hookah is largely smocking device wherein smock cooled and filtered by way of water.

A recent examine indicates that sheesha or shisha is serious hazard to the fitness of teenagers, specifically the women. This addiction changed into found to be maximum everyday in the 16-25 years age organization with 70% sheesha people who smoke being male and 30% girls. There is some other risky factor about sheesha and that is using prohibited and additive substances in more than 30% of sheesha stores by way of owners or with the aid of smokers shisha kohle.

Sheesha smocking may result in low fertility costs among girls and growth the possibilities of fetal abnormalities, posing a primary hazard to their fitness. Other harmful affects of sheesha smocking consists of heart disease, stroke, muscle and joints ailments, headache, and might also cause cancers of lips, tongue, mouth, lungs and belly. Besides posing a severe danger to teen’s mental and bodily fitness the sheesha smoke additionally affected the ones sitting in the location of the people who smoke, that’s called 2nd-hand or passive smoking.

One puff of the sheesha smoke carries more than 5000 lively chemical compounds out of which as a minimum extra than a hundred are carcinogenic and greater than 25% have extreme addictive capability. Another large chance with sheesha smoking is that addictive tablets like cocaine, marijuana and heroine are being added to the flavoured tobacco both by using the managements of those outlets or via the customers themselves.

The fashion of Sheesha smoking in Pakistan is unexpectedly growing with the passage of time and in particular in young boys and ladies. Sheesha shops aren’t handiest mushrooming in huge cities like Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan and Faiselabad but additionally in small towns and cities. Government must want to test the stores and have to discourage such traits.